The Beauty of Karma Yoga

As the ignorant men act from attachment to action, O Bharata, so should the wise act without attachment, wishing welfare to the world.

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3, Verse 25

This beautiful quote from the Bhagavad Gita tells us already everything that we need to know about karma yoga.

1. Karma Yoga has to do with “Action”

Karma Yoga is one of the four yogic paths to liberation – by the means of action. It is something that you do not only do on your mat but in your everyday life. This makes it a great practice also for the most busy people – especially since LITERALLY ANY activity can become your karma yoga!

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2. Karma Yoga has to do with “Attachment”

Or rather Non-Attachment. What distinguishes a “normal” activity performed by an ignorant man to one performed by a wise man? The ignorant man works for the fruits or the outcome of the action, be it a reward, or to avoid a punishment. But the wise man is not interested in the fruits of his labour, because he knows that he is not the one who does anything or earns anything.

3. The Karma Yogi wishes good to others

So if ANY action can be yogic and the yogi knows that he doesn’t perform any action by himself so why should he still engage in doing good things for others? Exactly why? Because he who knows his true Self doesn’t need anything and therefore he can do what he really came here for: to help others escape their own suffering.

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4. How to perform Karma Yoga?

Do good to others. Help them in their suffering and you will forget your own suffering. But don’t be interested in the outcome. Forget about rewards and punishments and only BE right in the action. Observe what is being done – and maybe you will even see that you are not the one that is doing it? 🙂

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Did you fall in love with Karma Yoga and want to know more about it?

In our Yoga Teacher Training from March 16th to April 13th 2014 we will not only have more detailed lectures on Karma Yoga but we will get active as well! Sushumna Yoga Teacher Training is recognised and accredited by Yoga Alliance (World based) and Yoga Alliance International (India based), and taught by 5 highly respected teachers in their field.

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Do you already have experiences in Karma Yoga?

What are your thoughts on Karma Yoga? Do you have anything that you want to share about it with us?
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