About Sonja

If you haven’t met Sonja offline yet, you can “meet” her online by sending her a message at info@sushumna.in.Sonja and the flower When she replies, at the bottom of her e-mail, you will read a short sentence that goes like this:

“In order to guard against being a slave to the internet, I do not reply to emails straight away at all times.”

She will always reply on time to your e-mails, no worries about that. But she is not the person who spends hours in front of the computer to refresh her Inbox every 3 minutes, to chase you on Facebook, twit you every day, or initiate massive campaigns to promote herself or her work.

Although there is quite a lot to promote, I would say. Sonja Appel has been practicing Yoga for more than 15 years. I haven’t practice anything for such a long time, maybe except breathing, which was not a conscious choice I made anyway… Sonja moved from London to India 7 years ago. She is certified by the British School of Yoga in Hatha & Meditation and she is also a certified Vibrant Living Teacher in Hatha Flow. She has pioneered her own brand of yoga called ‘Sushumna’ (you can read more about it here) and she is now the founder and the leading teacher at Sushumna Yoga and Studios, in Goa, India . She has many years’ experience of being taught by the late Shri K Pattabhi Jois, in Mysore, from whom, Sonja has his blessing to teach.
Sonja rather spends time on the mat, or doing things that she loves, with the people she loves; more offline than online, keeping her independence in front of the emergent internet addictions.

However, she can write. She will probably not write as often as we would like to read her writing. But she made a promise to write for us from time to time. On this blog you will find all of her articles. I invite you to comment, ask Sonja questions or simply read her opinion on things that interest you, or bother you, related to Yoga or with the simple act of living (that we like to complicate so much).

Gita, Raminta, myself and whoever has the opportunity to meet Sonja offline (and wants to share the encounter with us) can also post on this blog their thoughts, their learning, their travelling experience. I hope I will hear from you and get to know your story at sushumnagoa@gmail.com. Then, if you allow me, of course, I would post it on this blog.

So, dear reader, tell me: have you met Sonja Appel yet?


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