If you haven’t seen Sonja yet, there are several opportunities to meet her, talk to her, practice Yoga under her guidance and ask her all the questions you have in mind about Yoga on the mat or off it in everyday life. We look forward to you hearing from you about your encounter!

Dates: 20-27, April 2015  Luxury Detox retreat on the upmarket Ashwem Beach

Brief description:

As the days in the northern hemisphere start to get brighter and longer, use the energy of the sun and the sound of the ocean to remove all the toxins that have accumulated in winter. Start off into this year’s spring/summer season completely detoxified and revitalised!
Reward yourself with time to contemplate, ruminate, meditate and make substantial changes to your life!

This Special Detox Retreat is for just for you, tailor made to accomplish all your needs. It will cleanse, rejuvenate, relax and inspire you to lead a more inspiring and fulfilling life. 

This stunning resort is located directly on the upmarket Ashwem Beach. You will be able to calm down and enjoy time underneath beautiful palm trees, go for a swim in the sea and enjoy our classes in the fully equipped, breezy studio, hearing the waves lapping in the sea.

The emphasis will be on a 70% raw food diet (completely clean and safe) and 2,5 green juice fast days that are both essential for true detoxification. Read more about the benefits of raw food and green juice fasting for your health in our other articles on this blog.

For more details about the Detox Retreat go to

or please contact us at

Dates: 27th August – 4th September 2015  Retreat: A Monsoon Yoga Immersion Retreat in the Forest of North of Goa        DSC_0170

Brief Description:

Enjoy the truly magical and extraordinary season of Monsoon with doing a 7 Day Yoga Immersion Retreat in the Forests of North Goa

This is the time of the year to enjoy nature at its best – the lushness of the green in the plants, the fertility of mother earth, the flow of water and the fury of the sea!

Experience Goa in it’s calm and relaxed state – empty of tourists – and get to know the lovely local people!

You see, Monsoon is the perfect season to come on a retreat and enjoy Yoga and Meditation!

This course will include:

a) group yoga (beginners are welcome),

b) comfortable accommodation,

c) breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian, organic and locally grown ingredients)

d) time to relax on your own, discover the beautiful surroundings and experience monsoon season.

An ayurvedic doctor and therapist can be organized upon special request to meet your ayurvedic needs.

Sonja will guide you through the 8 limbs of Yoga and you will discover that yoga is much more than just physical activity!

So come and join us for this beautiful Retreat!

For more details about the schedule, prices, teachers and services, please click here. You are welcome to write us your questions at or to write Sonja directly at

Dates: 29th November – 13th December 2015 –Retreat: 100 hours Yoga Immersion in Vinyasa and Yoga Philosophy                 DSC_0170

Brief Description:

Are you passionate about Yoga? Do you want to learn more about the thing that you are passionate about?

Do you want to deepen your personal practice?

Or are you maybe looking for new ways to enhance your teaching skills!

Our 100h Immersion Program gives you the fundamental tools for that!

Learn accurately but in your own unique way, both grounded in self-awareness and experiential knowledge!

Embrace a yogic life style and learn the age- old lessons of self-discovery!

Find your own balance, deepen your practice and hone in on philosophy!

The Six key elements of the 100h Yoga Immersion Retreat:

1.  Development of your own Asana practice, including essentials of Pranayama and Meditation

2.  Comprehensive foundation in Yoga Philosophy

3. A small amount of Anatomy and its application in the practice of asana

4. Teaching expertise including Articulation, Presenting skills and the Art of Adjusting

5. Mantra, Kiratan/AArti

6. Total immersion into the eight limbs (or stepping stones) of a full yoga practice

On full completion of all the modules you will receive a Certificate of Completion of 100 hours towards your 200 hour registration (RYT) with Yoga Alliance from Sushumna. For more information on the modules please contact us at, and we will be happy to send you the detailed information sheet!

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