7 Things To Know About Natural Detoxing




Natural detoxing is something that we can do every day by eating organic or locally sourced, natural raw food, doing yoga, engaging our brain in uplifting thoughts and being reflective. But there are times in our lives when we need that extra boost in a special setting that allows us focus on the process. Here are some key aspects of a natural detox:

1. Detoxification = de-hibernation
During cold winters our bodies are in a semi- hibernating status. It saves food for later, because we learned through evolution that it needs to. That means that it saves toxins as well. The detoxification process will therefore reverse this process and wake up your body from hibernation to start off a new phase of life, fit and energized.

2. Energy
Toxins block your body’s energy. They clog up your lymphatic, immune and nervous systems and can coagulate your blood circulation. Many yogis knew that from time and that is why, through exploring and experiential knowledge, they created kriyas (exercises and breathing techniques intended to purify and cleanse the body’s energy channels), asanas (yoga postures) pranayama (practice of controlling the breath), meditation and correct diet. All this helps to clean our bodies from blockages – physical, spiritual and psychological alike.

3. Gentleness
Natural detoxing mainly comprises of yoga practices combined with green juice fasting and not less than a 70% raw, vegan diet. When this is adhered to and combined with many ayurvedic massages, that help our bodies to relieve tension, it is the most gentle and also the most effective way to detox.

4. Non-intrusive
One of the reasons that our bodies react better to a natural detox than to one that includes taking detoxification pills or doing colon hydrotherapy or irrigation is, that it is non- intrusive. By applying techniques to enhance the body’s self -healing and cleaning powers, it can then decide itself when it is ready to let go of the toxins.

5. Nutrients
Another reason for doing a natural detox is that the raw juice and food provide all the essential nutrients to the body while at the same time removing toxins and congested food. Together with good hydration (plenty of water) this helps to clean and nourish our internal systems and our brain.

6. Body Movement & Massage
Doing a vigorous, fast paced, movement with the breath, style of yoga (Sushumna Vinyasa Flow) as well as gentle body movement and stretches as practiced in restorative (yin) yoga, bring additional detoxification benefits. In each asana, varying pressure is put on a particular organ, which leads to more blood leaving and returning to and from that area, which again leads to toxins being flushed out faster.

7. Meditation
Meditation turns a natural detox into a holistic system by integrating self –reflection and the joy of

being in the moment. When we settle down doing practices that rid ourselves of emotional and mental blockages, we enhance a process that is sometimes regarded as only physical.

You see, a natural detox is a holistic approach that tackles every part of our body and not just the physical side. Done in the right moment and under the right supervision it can be a life changing experience.

Copyright Sonja Appel, Sushumna Yoga

Sonja Appel is a very experienced yoga teacher who has founded her own school and studio called Sushumna Yoga. She comes from a professional performing arts background and is also a writer.





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