7 Things To Know About Natural Detoxing




Natural detoxing is something that we can do every day by eating organic or locally sourced, natural raw food, doing yoga, engaging our brain in uplifting thoughts and being reflective. But there are times in our lives when we need that extra boost in a special setting that allows us focus on the process. Here are some key aspects of a natural detox:

1. Detoxification = de-hibernation
During cold winters our bodies are in a semi- hibernating status. It saves food for later, because we learned through evolution that it needs to. That means that it saves toxins as well. The detoxification process will therefore reverse this process and wake up your body from hibernation to start off a new phase of life, fit and energized.

2. Energy
Toxins block your body’s energy. They clog up your lymphatic, immune and nervous systems and can coagulate your blood circulation. Many yogis knew that from time and that is why, through exploring and experiential knowledge, they created kriyas (exercises and breathing techniques intended to purify and cleanse the body’s energy channels), asanas (yoga postures) pranayama (practice of controlling the breath), meditation and correct diet. All this helps to clean our bodies from blockages – physical, spiritual and psychological alike.

3. Gentleness
Natural detoxing mainly comprises of yoga practices combined with green juice fasting and not less than a 70% raw, vegan diet. When this is adhered to and combined with many ayurvedic massages, that help our bodies to relieve tension, it is the most gentle and also the most effective way to detox.

4. Non-intrusive
One of the reasons that our bodies react better to a natural detox than to one that includes taking detoxification pills or doing colon hydrotherapy or irrigation is, that it is non- intrusive. By applying techniques to enhance the body’s self -healing and cleaning powers, it can then decide itself when it is ready to let go of the toxins.

5. Nutrients
Another reason for doing a natural detox is that the raw juice and food provide all the essential nutrients to the body while at the same time removing toxins and congested food. Together with good hydration (plenty of water) this helps to clean and nourish our internal systems and our brain.

6. Body Movement & Massage
Doing a vigorous, fast paced, movement with the breath, style of yoga (Sushumna Vinyasa Flow) as well as gentle body movement and stretches as practiced in restorative (yin) yoga, bring additional detoxification benefits. In each asana, varying pressure is put on a particular organ, which leads to more blood leaving and returning to and from that area, which again leads to toxins being flushed out faster.

7. Meditation
Meditation turns a natural detox into a holistic system by integrating self –reflection and the joy of

being in the moment. When we settle down doing practices that rid ourselves of emotional and mental blockages, we enhance a process that is sometimes regarded as only physical.

You see, a natural detox is a holistic approach that tackles every part of our body and not just the physical side. Done in the right moment and under the right supervision it can be a life changing experience.

Copyright Sonja Appel, Sushumna Yoga

Sonja Appel is a very experienced yoga teacher who has founded her own school and studio called Sushumna Yoga. She comes from a professional performing arts background and is also a writer.





photo credits: http://mybestbadi.blogspot.in/p/blog-page.html

Time to meet Sushumna Yoga’s Ambassadors

Whoever seeks information about Sushumna Teacher Training or our retreats, shall find it on sushumna.inFacebookTwitterYouTube or on other different corners of the online “world wide web”. But reading a webpage can rarely be as heartwarming, touching and revealing as talking to somebody who has had a direct experience of the place you are interested in. Because we want you to hear about Sushumna from our dearest students but also because, through them, we want to hear more from you, this summer we are excited to inagurate Sushumna’s Ambassadors network.
Sushumna’s network of Ambassadors brings together our best teacher training graduates all over the world. They are our spokespersons in the local community and they would be happy to offer you all the details you may need about our teacher training programme but also about travelling and being in Goa. This month, we are happy and honored to welcome Andrea, Jessica, Janet and Cecile as our first Ambassadors.
Andrea Jensen
Sushumna Ambassador in Los Angeles, USA

Andrea graduated from the Sushumna Teacher Training in fall 2012 and she is currently an active practitioner and yoga teacher in Los Angeles, USA. Andrea has video documented her entire trip to India. After returning from Goa to Los Angeles, she has been working on a video series, 30 days in India, depicting her everyday experience in India, as a yoga teacher in training but also as a curious traveler. Peep into our studio and course by watching the second episode of “30 Days in India” on simpleyogalessons.com. Feel free to poke Andrea to ask her more about her experience in Goa!

Jessica Evans
Sushumna Ambassador in Melbourne, Australia
Jessica completed Sushumna Yoga Teacher Training in fall 2012. She has embraced yoga since and is currently teaching yoga in Melbourne. Returning home to Melbourne after receiving her certification was actually returning home from four years of travelling abroad. She is now settled back into work as an Osteopath and has started a Master of Public Health. Those of you participating in Sushumna Teacher Training this fall (3rd November-1st December 2013), you will be learning about yoga anatomy from Jessica during the Anatomy Modules. A warm welcome to Sushumna Yoga teachers’ team for Jessica!
Janet Richards
Sushumna Ambassador in Cumbria, UK
“Since undertaking my training with Sushumna in April I have returned to Cumbria and am currently teaching yoga at the Purple Lotus in Carlisle. Yoga is very much an integral and important part of my life and is something that is continuing to grow in my heart improving my feeling of self worth and my dealings with others. I am so grateful for the team at Sushumna who awakened my potential and have set my life in a new and exciting direction.” You can find out more about Janet on 79 Cook Books on My Shelf, Janet’s blog dedicated to her passion for good food and cooking. Her experience at Sushumna Yoga during the Yoga Teacher Training is also documented on her blog, Travel Blog section, which will satisfy your hunger for details about the vegan diet, green fasting or silence days at Sushumna.
Cécile Roitg
Sushumna Ambassador in Bordeaux, France
Cecile completed Sushumna Teacher Training in fall 2012. After her intense learning experience at Sushumna, she went on travelling around Asia, meeting other yoga teachers in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. “A yoga school offered me a job in Singapore, so I accepted for a few days. It was amazing because the majority of my students spoke only Chinese…” but hopefully they could “speak” and “understand” the body language of Yoga. After her travel, Cecile returned to France. She is now living in Bordeaux and she is preparing herself for a training in pre and post natal yoga.
To contact Andrea, Jessica, Janet, Cecile or to find out who is the closest Sushumna Ambassador to your area, please contact us here via the contact form on our website. If you mention the name of the Ambassador you would like to get in contact with, or your location in this world, then the closest Sushumna Ambassador will get in touch with you in no time.

Goa for the monsoon traveler

Pleasantly warm and sunny days become hot and humid…The heat creates unstoppable dreams and waiting for rain. Shattered soil, golden grass, secretly growing jackfruits and mangos are waiting for that mysterious something that will bring them to life! This change is welcome! It brings a relief and magic…Monsoon Retreat

The season is over…you can hear people whispering…This is not true!
The season of tourists, heat and parties is over, but something magical and rare is starting! Attracting real travellers from all over the world to experience the wild power of nature. Monsoon was the most favourite season of a famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore:

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky.

This season appears in literature as the most romantic time to see India,  impossible to describe the variety of the shades of green, with wild beaches without “ready for tourists” approach, a true and genuine renaissance of nature. Monsoon Goa – another side of this beautiful state. Emerald green Goa opens up for devoted travellers and the ones who want to escape urban reality.

What to do during the monsoon in Goa?

Monsoon Goa – misty and serene, peaceful and dreamy, fresh and magnificent with beautiful scenery, reborn after hot summer, colourful and vibrant festivals to show the joy of rejuvenation and fertility is a welcoming utopic place for everyone seeking physical and spiritual revival.

  • Sit in a terrace with a cup of chai, and watch the life passing by. Not for long. For a moment. Without a need to hurry, without any “what -ifs”. Smell the rain, feel the wind, observe the power of nature.
  • Meditate and join a yoga practice. India is the mother of yoga where it started more than 5000 years ago so it’s definitely a to-do thing if you are there. Focus and connect your mind, body and soul surrounded by nature, without noise, without heat, dust, and distractions. In peace and tranquility. For the monsoon period, Sushumna Yoga offers a special retreat that may fit your craving for Yoga. Visit us here.

  • Experience Ayurveda. It is the perfect time to help your body feel revived and try this 5000 years old holistic treatment. Ayurvedic medicine is based on the treatment of the individual as a whole, not just separate issues by eliminating all toxic imbalances and rejuvenating the body. According to Ayurveda specialists Monsoon season is the best time of the year for mentioned holistic treatments, due to decreased temperature, cool, moist and dust free atmosphere that helps body pores to open up and accept all herbal oils and other Ayurvedic medicines.
  • Dance barefoot in the rain. Let the rain catch you without your rain boots. When was the last time you did it? Well, it’s a perfect time to do it! Enjoy the sound of rain and feel your smile, feel your senses. Let your body move according to the melody of raindrops accompanied by indian music or the music of your heart.
  • Eat fresh mango and jackfruit (they are at their best during this time of the year).
  • Go fishing! Goa is famous for it’s great seafood. Take advantage of the possibility to go on a fishing trip with some local fishermen. But remember if you practicing ahimsa, you should always unhook the fish and let it free to swim again!
  • Take some time and visit the famous Dudhsagar waterfalls, located in picturesque and untouched Mollem National Park. This is the best time of year to see the breath-taking jungle and watch how a full stream of water covers the rocks and rages down from an impressive height. Meet some friendly, always hungry monkeys on your way.
  • Get to know Indian spices and visit the spice plantation in Savoi, see how fenni (local alcohol made from cashews) is made, get to know why vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron and many other interesting things.
  • Attend at least one of the local festivals. Do not only observe – participate! Sao Joao festival of fertility, the feast of Saint Peter and Paul, Bonderam flag festival on Divar island – you only need to choose.

Enjoy the monsoon in Goa!