10 Reasons to Eat Raw During Your Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training is a life-changing experience that will require you to find focus, strength and energy if you want to learn, achieve, feel, experience and become your higher self. Being your true self means being devoid of the need to be egotistical, small-minded and petty. Remember that you are part of a much bigger picture that is inextricably connected to all life forms, including nature. Only then do you have the ability to share your knowledge through teaching.

Teaching is the absolute best way to continue this lifelong discovery at an extensive level of depth. It is a natural and likely consequence of a teacher training. In this way, sincere students learn yoga for the correct reasons and become great teachers for the correct reasons.

During a teacher training, help is needed from your teachers, fellow students, inner self, mind and body. One of the strongest tools for helping your body to function well, is eating the correct diet. Raw food has the nourishment and components that supply you with all the necessary energy, vitality and optimal cell reproduction. It helps you to keep going.

Good food has to be pure in order to keep your body healthy and alert, strong and light. Raw food helps your body and mind cope with the intense schedule and inner exploration that the best yoga teacher trainings provide. This also correlates with the first yama: Ahimsa (nonviolence in thought, word and action to yourself and others). This promise to yourself is taken from the Yoga Sutra’s (2.35), the definitive description of yoga recorded and inspired through experiential research. I look at ahimsa as an enlightened commandment.

How Raw Food Will Help You Keep Up With the High Demands of a Yoga Teacher Training

1. Raw food leads your body towards natural health. By eating raw you are on your way to a state of self-fixing. As the human body has the ability to regenerate cells continuously, having a raw food diet will enable your body to become pure and renewed through the intake of uncooked food.

2. Your body performs better when eating raw. Eating in this way allows your body to feel agile and manageable. Your digestion uses less energy therefore giving you more vitality for your yoga practice. When you only practice a few times a week this might not be so important for you, but during four or more weeks of intensive training you will need your body in order to keep up with this experience.2909-10-reasons-to-eat-raw-during-your-yoga-teacher-training

3. Your body needs vitamins and minerals. Raw food is rich in natural vitamins and minerals that are easily digested and absorbed by your body.

4. Raw food increases your awarenessmentally, physically and spiritually. This is important if you want to have the capacity to collect and process all the information given to you.

5. Raw food boosts your natural energy levels in abundance, so you can rely on it to function at a top level during this extended time.

6. During a life changing experience, changes need to happen in your body too. The body purifies itself from toxins with a raw food diet. Being clean and unpolluted allows you to reconnect with your true inner self.

7. Eating raw food puts you in a harmony with nature. Mens sana in corpore sano (“a healthy mind in a healthy body”). To become a more hale and hearty, happy and sensitive person you need to have a coherent, high functioning body.

8. According to the Bhagavad Gita (xsll.8), saatvic (pure) food promotes longevity, wellbeing, strength, goodness, happiness and pleasure. They are also rich, juicy, agreeable and nourishing.

9. Raw food prepared with an attitude of love increases our prana (life-force energy), which is essential if we want to sustain and utilize our maximum amount of effort wisely.

10. Raw food helps to turn your body into a temple for your mind and soul. According to Patanjali, who wrote the most classical text on yoga, “the purpose of yoga is to lead to a silence of the mind” (yoga sutra 1.2). Through yoga, commitment, patience and compassion for yourself, you can achieve the silence of the mind, the freedom of the soul and joyfulness in your life.

This article was published by and retrived from My Yoga Online on November 26, 2013. Find more interesting yoga articles here.

Have you ever felt the rain? 3 reasons to do it

We rush inside whenever it starts. We get into cars, under roofs; we desperately look for shelters the very first moment it starts. We arm ourselves with long sad raincoats, sharp umbrellas and cover our bodies as much as we can, as if rain will not simply “fall” but it will angrily “attack” us. Looking at how well people cover up their skin when it rains, one could easily imagine the rain drops aren’t just a natural phenomenon, but an epidemic: God forbidden to touch you! And if it had touched you, you better go and change your clothes immediately, have a cup of hot tea, a hot shower and a Paracetamol or any other “rainkiller”.

With this apocalyptic “run-rain-comes!” attitude, have you ever taken the time to actually feel the rain? Have you taken the time to simply watch the rain, and just let it be?

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” Henry Wadsw1175455_10151821430387567_38432289_north Longfellow.

Let it be, as you let your breath be when you are in Savasana. Just notice it without wanting to change anything about it.

There are good reasons to do it, both to feel the rain and to notice it without having to run, to hide or wish it stopped immediately.

It’s romantic!
First of all, the touch of rain can be wonderfully romantic.The soft touch of rain is the first reason why you should take a moment and deep dive into the feeling of “being rained.”In Goa, the monsoon’s rain sometimes comes in perfect liquid soft beads – like the sky is inhabited by milliards elegant beings wearing transparent beads who decided to tear the threads from their beads and let them all drop down to humans. They surely wear loads of beads up there, in the Goan sky, because this July, for days in a raw, the beads kept on coming to the ground. When they touchthe ground, they transform in muddy bubbles and thick flows. But when they fall on your body, the beads are always soft, warm and clean. You just need a steady yoga mind to enjoy the drops and the running playful flows on your body. Keep your awareness alive and feel the rain. If you only think about how wet you’ll get, you will not be able to simply walk in the rain. Feel the dropson your face; feel themwith your forehead, with your eyebrows, your hair, your shoulders, your neck, your chest, your back, your feet. Feel the raindrops.

It’s healthy!
Maybe being rained sounds foolishly romantic to you. I bet the most rational of you are already thinking about the effects of rain, translated into the terrible cold you’d get afterwards. You would be surprised to find out that rain is actually healthy for your body. As incredible as this may sound, it has been scientifically proven that when water moves, a release of negative ions occurs – electrically charged particles that attach themselves to damaging free radicals. These ions alkalize your body and an alkalized body means stronger bones. Therefore, a good summer rain is not only romantic, but it has also positive effects for your bones.

It’s relaxing!
Furthermore, it’s more than our bones that enjoy the rain drops. The sound of the rain, the touch of water and the fresh air brought by the rain will revitalize your entire body at once. You must have heard the rain in healing or relaxation music. It sounds beautifully; it relaxes your body, your mind and brings some moments of quietness to your soul. Then why not trying some natural live musical rain? If you don’t get enough of it there, pay us a visit in Goa. We have plenty of musical rain in here!

For the sake of the romanticism, of your bones or for the relaxation effect, next time it rains you need to rush. Grab your raincoat, take your umbrella and your rubber boots and put them all into the cabinet.You are going to embrace the rain and not fight against it. Take off your socks and the fears that rain is bad for you.Rush from inside to outside: bare feet, wearing a light T-shirt and an open heart. Bring your awareness with you; you will definitely need it to feel the pure rain effect.

It’s time to feel the rain!

Sonja’s article, “Have you ever felt the rain” was published by Yoga Curious Blog on the 3rd of September, 2013. Dig for more Yoga-related articles here.  Happy reading!

Photo source: pinterest.com/ericyeung/

Time to meet Sushumna Yoga’s Ambassadors

Whoever seeks information about Sushumna Teacher Training or our retreats, shall find it on sushumna.inFacebookTwitterYouTube or on other different corners of the online “world wide web”. But reading a webpage can rarely be as heartwarming, touching and revealing as talking to somebody who has had a direct experience of the place you are interested in. Because we want you to hear about Sushumna from our dearest students but also because, through them, we want to hear more from you, this summer we are excited to inagurate Sushumna’s Ambassadors network.
Sushumna’s network of Ambassadors brings together our best teacher training graduates all over the world. They are our spokespersons in the local community and they would be happy to offer you all the details you may need about our teacher training programme but also about travelling and being in Goa. This month, we are happy and honored to welcome Andrea, Jessica, Janet and Cecile as our first Ambassadors.
Andrea Jensen
Sushumna Ambassador in Los Angeles, USA

Andrea graduated from the Sushumna Teacher Training in fall 2012 and she is currently an active practitioner and yoga teacher in Los Angeles, USA. Andrea has video documented her entire trip to India. After returning from Goa to Los Angeles, she has been working on a video series, 30 days in India, depicting her everyday experience in India, as a yoga teacher in training but also as a curious traveler. Peep into our studio and course by watching the second episode of “30 Days in India” on simpleyogalessons.com. Feel free to poke Andrea to ask her more about her experience in Goa!

Jessica Evans
Sushumna Ambassador in Melbourne, Australia
Jessica completed Sushumna Yoga Teacher Training in fall 2012. She has embraced yoga since and is currently teaching yoga in Melbourne. Returning home to Melbourne after receiving her certification was actually returning home from four years of travelling abroad. She is now settled back into work as an Osteopath and has started a Master of Public Health. Those of you participating in Sushumna Teacher Training this fall (3rd November-1st December 2013), you will be learning about yoga anatomy from Jessica during the Anatomy Modules. A warm welcome to Sushumna Yoga teachers’ team for Jessica!
Janet Richards
Sushumna Ambassador in Cumbria, UK
“Since undertaking my training with Sushumna in April I have returned to Cumbria and am currently teaching yoga at the Purple Lotus in Carlisle. Yoga is very much an integral and important part of my life and is something that is continuing to grow in my heart improving my feeling of self worth and my dealings with others. I am so grateful for the team at Sushumna who awakened my potential and have set my life in a new and exciting direction.” You can find out more about Janet on 79 Cook Books on My Shelf, Janet’s blog dedicated to her passion for good food and cooking. Her experience at Sushumna Yoga during the Yoga Teacher Training is also documented on her blog, Travel Blog section, which will satisfy your hunger for details about the vegan diet, green fasting or silence days at Sushumna.
Cécile Roitg
Sushumna Ambassador in Bordeaux, France
Cecile completed Sushumna Teacher Training in fall 2012. After her intense learning experience at Sushumna, she went on travelling around Asia, meeting other yoga teachers in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. “A yoga school offered me a job in Singapore, so I accepted for a few days. It was amazing because the majority of my students spoke only Chinese…” but hopefully they could “speak” and “understand” the body language of Yoga. After her travel, Cecile returned to France. She is now living in Bordeaux and she is preparing herself for a training in pre and post natal yoga.
To contact Andrea, Jessica, Janet, Cecile or to find out who is the closest Sushumna Ambassador to your area, please contact us here via the contact form on our website. If you mention the name of the Ambassador you would like to get in contact with, or your location in this world, then the closest Sushumna Ambassador will get in touch with you in no time.